• Jasmine

Why I Read


I'm sure you either said a silent 'ew', or couldn't even remember the last time you read a book. Perhaps that last time was when you had to decipher lines of Shakespeare for English class or when you were assigned to for summer reading.

In the day of digital devices, I get that reading may seem ancient and just boring. I feel that and I, too, get that. It's much easier to scroll through the mesmerizing pages of social media or binge watch another K-Drama.

But why read?

Enjoyment. Yeah, sounds crazy. Before phones, somewhere around my middle school years, reading was actually a hobby of mine (currently trying to revive that) and I would have my nose stuck in a book for hours. You would see me reading fantasy books that were action packed or romance novels 😅. Books for me were honestly entertaining, and what I would call 'a movie happening in your mind'.

Escape. When I look back at the types of books I used to read, I think that they made me feel good. The main characters would save towns, meet Price Charming and be a hero. They were a badie, confident and courageous. I believed they contained the characteristics that I lacked, envied and wanted to have deep inside my younger self.

Knowledge. This is the more obvious reason. I've never really been interested in picking up nonfiction or history books (Googling or watching a documentary about it seems easier), but my taste has shifted into reading memoirs. What advice or lessons authors find valuable to pass down has peaked my interests. Maybe in the mist of creating my own life story, I find it worthy and interesting to hear somebody else's.

Well, that wraps up why I personally read and what I've been spending my time doing. I hope this gives some sort of spark for you to pick up a book (cough cough you are already reading on your computer screen 👀). Who knows? It might take you down a new rabbit hole and become something you wished you didn't do sooner.