• Jasmine

Vinyl Record Wall

Revamped a blank white wall in my basement and gave it a retro vibe :)

Found my Dad's record collection in the basement. You would order fake look-a-likes online or even shop at the thrift store for some.

Pull the vinyls from their sleeves. For this project I used 15.

Measure. My wall was about 50 x 80 inches. I made dots (3 x 5 alignment) with a pencil to represent the middle of each disk. Keep in mind that each vinyl is 12 inches in diameter and I spaced them 2 inches apart.

Use thumbtacks to poke where you marked.

Hang vinyl on each tack and vuela, you now have an Instagramable wall!

I ended up repeating this on another wall because I love it so much. Kinda bothers me that an air duct got in the way and messed up my perfect grid, but oh well. I received a mixture of reactions. Either it was really cool and brought nostalgia, or it was confusing because it was old fashioned.

What do you think? Click here if you want to see what I wore in this pic.