• Jasmine

The Visitor

There's a peeping tom at my window. Can you spot them?

Say hello to my little friend. A mourning dove has come to visit me.

I was working on my laptop when I heard a noise. Lo and behold, this tiny creature was watching me. It's teeny head was bopping up and down as it leaned right up and against my window.

I was quite shocked as wildlife is supposed to away at the sight of a human. It must mean something special for this bird to land on my window and be curious enough to stare at me.

I snapped a photo and turned around to continue working on my laptop, thinking not much of what just happened. But when I glanced back a few moments later the bird was still there. Ha, this put a smile on my face. Is my life really interesting and entertaining from afar?

I stared back at the bird and ended up waving at it haha. I don't know why but maybe to acknowledge some form of life that exists in my life. Gosh, quarantine has really gotten into me.

Just then another bird landed on my window. I watched as the two doves had a pecking contest and finally jolted off into the air.

What a strange but happy moment.

I used to think that I my neighborhood was infested with owls. When I would wait for the school bus in the early morning, I would be greeted with 'woo' sounds. But it turns out that they weren't from owls, but rather the sound a mourning dove makes.

Mourning dove. Something about that name is uncanny. I get that they are brown, but the word 'mourning' gives off a bad stigma.

"Symbolically, the mourning dove can be associated with mourning and sorrow, these birds can be viewed as both spiritual as well as hopeful... the mourning dove stands for new beginnings, great expectations, and as a spiritual messenger. "

My little visitor stopped by to pass along a message today. Or what if they were trying to since the mornings at the bus stop.

Let's mourn over the death of the past. Hello today and here I come tomorrow.