• Jasmine


Happy Thanksgiving! Well, it was actually two days ago but happy holidays anyways!

What did I do during this special day/break?

For as long as I could remember, my typical Thanksgiving took place at my grandma's, where she would host a dinner for everyone. But with this situation right now, we were originally not going to do anything. This is definitely the smarter move, but we just ended up having dinner on a smaller scale at my aunts house. Then all the cousins and I, drove to my house where we chilled in the backyard and watched Peninsula.

How did I feel?

Years prior, I never thought of this day to be any special. It was more like a family dinner and nothing more. Yes, it was time to see everyone all together, but so what?

This year, or well these past few months, my views on life and mentality have shifted. Now rather than being a chore or something I had to show up at just because we were related by blood, I felt different this time. I actually wanted to really see my family members.

You could say that maybe it's me realizing that life is short. The pandemic definitely helped kick this into my head. It's just crazy to show up to my grandma's and see everyone look different. We have all gone through the inevitable of growing and aging - this is simply life. But while noticing these changes in physical appearances, what are the changes in the mind and stories that are new?

I admit, I've been so consumed in my own bubble that I haven't noticed in what was happening with those around me. I want to change that and put in effort.

More, I would like to ask family: What have you been up to? What are you thinking and feeling? Lets reminisce and think about the future. Lets do something!

It feels good to catch up. It feels good to laugh and talk. It feels good to be able to be thankful.