• Jasmine

Stir Fry Recipe

Here is what I made for lunch today. It's pretty simple and yummy. There is no need to follow this recipe exactly. Just use whatever you have lying around!

Time: 45 mins


- lo mein noodles (i usually use rice or udon noodles)

- sliced fish sausage (hot dogs or dried chinese sausages work well)

- 3 eggs

- sliced carrots

- chinese veggies (broccoli is my fav)

- scallions

- ginger

- garlic (minced)

- salt

- light soy sauce

- dark soy sauce (optional but makes noodles darker in color)

- oil

*There are no exact measurements, clique but cook with your heart (sorry)

Lets begin cooking!

1) Wash all veggies, and slice/ cut other ingredients into bite size pieces.

2) Begin boiling noodles according to package instructions. Once cooked, strain and set aside. If using rice, follow same steps.

3) In another pan, add oil. Wait until it warms up a bit. Add garlic, ginger and scallions. If oil is popping and flying everywhere, lower heat. Continue infusing ingredients into oil until they start turning golden brown.

4) Add carrots and a bit of water to prevent burning. Stir and cover. Cook until you can easily poke through carrots.

5) Add veggies. Add splashes of water to prevent burning. Continue to stir.

6) Add fish sausage, salt and a splash of soy sauce. Continue to stir.

7) After straining cooked noodles, add eggs, soy sauce and a bit of oil. Stir constantly until egg cooks. Will look clumpy.

8) Add egg/noodle mixture into stir fried ingredients. Continuing mixing and adding more soy sauce, salt and scallions if desired.

9) And ta da! Your stir fry dish is ready to eat:)