• Jasmine

Self Love

February 14th, 2021. What perfect timing. It's also Valentine's Day.

If you are curious, this is just a day to remind me that I'm still a single pringle.

But that's okay! I've never had a special someone to spend this day with, but I do know who that special someone could be.

It's me - Jasmine!!! 🥰😘

To simply put, it's time to give myself some self love. The thing is that this will not only be a one day event happening on Valentine's Day. This will be a life long promise and commitment.

You can read here for my post I made about self care, but today I will elaborate more. Self care was what I did physically, but self love will be more of a mental thing.

I admit, it's quite easy for me to berate myself. It comes when I have moments of self doubt, stress, lack of confidence, rejection, impatience and comparison. I question and criticize myself hard down to my core. It's mainly bad talk my brain shouts at me and it looks something like this:

There are days when the reflection in the mirror is someone that I don't want to be. There are days when the world feels like it's crashing down on me.

Not the greatest thing, as it can take a toll on my mental health, but this is something I need to address (and probably you too).

I want to relate this to the story about Pandora's Box. If you are unfamiliar with Greek mythology, Pandora was given a box and was told to not open it. Curiosity killed the cat and she ended up opening it. Bad things like greed, envy, hatred, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death were released into the world. There are different variations with the ending, but Pandora quickly closed the box leaving only hope inside. Zeus thought that hope should stay inside so morals would understand the feeling of suffer.

I feel that in opening a new chapter from adolescence to young adulthood, it has come along with extra pages. Youth, purity and innocence has shifted into new hardships, similar to the evils of the world Pandora brought in. Zeus was valid in his thought as I have experienced the consequences.

But the only thing that was trapped inside - hope. Is that what I need to unlock?

Is that the answer to self love? Hope?

I think it stems deeper than that. Starting with myself, I think my attitude and perspective needs a new rebirth. Acceptance, positivity, support, respect, forgiveness, happiness, content, etc. - you name it.

But I don't want to put on a mask, put on a persona, act like I'm fine and brush away the past. It's a difficult process as these feelings of hardship will always linger in me. But I think using this to love who I was, love who I am now, and love who I will be as a person will ultimately allow me to love myself.