• Jasmine

Self Care

Self care. What image comes to your head?

I think everyone has their own interpretation and perspective to this topic, but in my eyes self care is a way to express self love. This has been a main focus for myself, especially with the recent circumstances, and something I wish to continue to work hard on. I find this self love in ways by taking 'me time' and finding tranquility between my mind and body. I believe that investing time and effort back to myself will repay back graciously in other ways.

And how I do that?

I've been following a set work out schedule. Shocker? I have always been that person who preferred to be a couch potato, lounge around and eat Hot Cheetos, but the feeling after working out is fulfilling. Don't get me wrong, I still love watching YouTube for hours, but it feels good to get my heart rate up. This is more of a healthy lifestyle change that I want.

Bath time ahhh! 🛀 Yes, I love soaking in a hot and steamy tub of water. My guilty pleasure also includes using Lush bath bombs and fresh flower petals if I'm feeling fancy. I also love setting up my bath caddy tray where I can watch videos and munch on a snack. I don't do this often as it costs $$ to run up all this hot water, but it is a treat, indeed!

I have terrible skin, but I like to give myself facials with the hope that they will do something lol. Mud masks, clay masks, sheet masks - you name it, they're fun to slather on.

Let's give myself a fun makeover. Sometimes I curl my hair or dress up for no reason. I'm not going out, but it makes me feel good to pamper myself.

Solo trips and nature. So underrated and something I wished I was into earlier. The world out there is beautiful and a breath of fresh air is a gift. Spending time wandering around makes me feel peaceful and spiritual in a way.

Art. Whether its creating some on my own or looking at pieces at an museum, art allows my mind to wander with creativity and imagination.

Food. Does this need an explanation? It's dopamine at the finest. Munching on watermelon, Hot Cheetos or tater tots are my guilty pleasure :)

My bed. Yes, probably where I spend most of my time. I love sleeping in and projecting a movie onto the wall.

And that's how I invest back to myself. I admit, sometimes I do feel guilty for doing personal things like this. I could be doing more 'productive' things, but at the end of the day self care is something that remains strong in my heart.