• Jasmine

Racial Discrimination Animation

I am very late with creating a post about this heheh, but I am SO EXCITED about this project I worked on in partnership with UNICEF and Voices of the Youth.

Back in November I was selected to participate in this mediathon with fellow creators that were ages 16-24. Out of the 4 different topics/ groups, I was assigned to create digital content about discrimination. I then worked alongside a colleague and mentor to create an animation specifically about racial discrimination. I really wanted to work on this subject as it plays a huge part of my life. I experienced this as an Asian American and the BLM movement is really huge in the States.

With that, my partner worked on the script and I worked on the illustration. This was my first time making a full length project (outside of the shorts gifs), so this process was a learning adventure. I want to say this took 24 hrs with everything (eek), but I would do it again! I had so much fun making this.

I used Procreate to make the drawings and imported them into Premiere Pro to make the actual movements. I used what I had and knew, but now I wish I had used Adobe Animate. That shall be my next project!

I will admit that this film is not my best work. With the time crunch of 2 weeks and balancing school, I realized I had to cut many corners. This simple cartoon style was the outcome, but this worked in my favor as the target audience was for a younger demographic. This was posted on the Voices of the Youth's Instagram page and as of now it has over 2,000 views! 😁

If you want to learn more about Voices of the Youth & UNICEF, their links are listed!