• Jasmine

My Personality Type - INFJ

I recently stumbled upon personality tests/ the Myers Briggs test while looking at the results of a celebrity. It had me wondering what my personality type was.

To find this out, you can fill out a survey online about how you feel in certain situations. Click here if you want to do this yourself! At the end you get a four letter acronym that describes your personality type. I don't really believe in them defining who you are, similar to horoscopes, but here is a broken down version of the possible types you can be:

And drumroll... here is my personality type as of January 9, 2020: INFJ

At first glance, I wasn't surprised. I am a true introvert at heart (❁´◡`❁). I'm also an advocate for things I believe strongly in. For the other stats I had no clue what they meant lol. Lets keep reading to understand them more.

I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud of this. I mean, this is me :)

Maybe I grew up doing a lot of things on my own, making me independent and just preferring to be aloneish?

I expected this to be 40% to 60% but close enough.

Yes, I would agree with this and the percentage.

I guess intuition relates to common sense, so I can take clues.

I would agree and say I am spiritual and creative. I also do daydream a lot 😅 so novelty and thinking about the future sounds like me.

I'm surprised by this. I thought I would be more with thinking, especially with this year being more connected with my thoughts. But, thinking and feeling go hand-in-hand, so I guess I am more connected with my emotional side.

I do agree with "are sensitive and emotionally expressive" 😂. TMI I do shed tears quite easily.

It's pretty split even but I am also surprised by this. Judging has a negative connotation, but you can say that I decipher through by thoughts and think things through.

I will disagree with "preferring structure and planning to be spontaneity" because for the most part, this never falls through for me😪.

Yikes, this is crazy high. Welp :/

In my crazy brain, endless thoughts are always shouting in my mind. This makes me overthink many things and you can see where else this goes.

"Sensitive to stress". I'd like to think I am not, but I am also someone that just bottles this up until burnout *cough this year*

Wow, you are really getting to know me now XD. I am a shy person so opening up about this is an effort... 😖

You might be reading this and think there is a "flaw" or something wrong with me compared to you, but this is simply how I am. Everyone has their own form of "self", who they are, and what their identity is. People are uniquely different. I find this beautiful in humans.

People change throughout their lives.

Duh! But you won't believe about what I found! I just remembered that 3 years ago I filled out this same survey at a summer program. I had to do some digging through my emails, but lets see what Jasmine was like on July 10th, 2017:

Wow... I've changed.

But extroverted??? My mind can not comprehend this right now. I do remember I was really outgoing and confident back then. What did time do to me?

All the other personality traits have stayed about the same. I'm also still a diplomat! Is this a hidden message?

I'm also noticing that all my traits are close to the 50% mark. Was I more of an ambivert person back then? I think I always had both an introvert and extrovert side of me, but I'm now leaning more on the introvert side.

In the survey results you can also keep reading about how your personality will affect your relationships, careers, etc. I briefly skimmed through it (I partially think it's baloney like horoscopes) but some things in it made me take a step back on how actuate it explained me. 😳

And that wraps up this post! Before I go I am going to bring up change again. I know that I will continue to grow. It's a life long journey. I might like/ not like where I am now, but this is a necessary process to build my future self :)