• Jasmine


I hum as the shower water spreads warmth throughout my body. It's pitch black in the bathroom, as my hand slowly and cautiously roams the cold tiles. In the mist of vague and dark shapes, the shampoo bottle seems foreign. I squint my eyes harder, hoping some sort of super night vision will save me. But no, not even the slight glow illuminating from the window

1 second, 2 seconds, three seconds... ten seconds pass and my hands still roam. The sound of my humming is abruptly replaced with the harsh splashing of water. Frustrated, my head snaps towards the window.

Blinded by the light, my hand immediately shields my eyes.

As I slowly open my eyes one by one, my hands lower to my sides. And there I am met with the luminosity of the full moon.

I'm like a fly being lured to a light trap. I inch closer to the window, mesmerized by the circle of light that contrasts against the darkness of the night. I stare at the moon and it stares back at me.

I stay standing there in the moonlight as my view becomes swallowed by the steam.