• Jasmine

High School Quarantine Graduation🎓

And that's a wrap!

On Friday, June 12th, 2020 I received my diplopia, marking the end of high school. It's a bittersweet moment. Part of me is happy that I can move on to the next chapter of my life (I've been at this school for 10 years), but the other part of me is saddened of having to let go of the place I've grown up at.

I will admit that I was not excited when I woke up. Quarantine has left me feeling like I graduated months ago.

I pulled myself to the shower, taking longer than I was used to. Isolation from the world caused the neglection of looking presentable. It was strange putting on makeup, doing hair and shaving for the first time in awhile.

And yes, quarantine has still left procrastination at an all time high. After showering, I worked on my cap. It was therapeutic painting a watercolor flower crown, but nerve wreaking knowing I was on a time crunch before I had to leave for the ceremony. Smh haha I'm so last minute.

The majority of graduations this year were virtual, but I am grateful that my school could hold something for us, even if there are restrictions. Rather than holding it at a venue, we had it on the outside of our school's campus. Each student was also given a time interval to come, as we had a drive in graduation.

As I drove in, sprinkled throughout the lawn, I saw a bunch of my classmates in their gowns. Wow 3 months without seeing them...it's crazy. I couldn't make out any faces in the car, but stretched alongside the road each of my classmates senior portraits were printed on posters. I looked at them realizing that I this would be the last time I would be seeing these faces.

We were guided to a part of the parking lot where all the teachers were parked outside their car (with a mask on) and cheering us on. I was surprised as they congratulated me. I did not know what to expect at the dive in, and did not think I would be able to see them. I waved back at them, reminiscing memories in the classroom with them.

We then were in a car line waiting for my turn on the stage when I realized that I forgot to put on my white cape, NHS sash and Tri-M Robe before I left the house. AHHH I was so embarrassed and annoyed at my mistake. It was too late to turn back to the house, so I would just have to deal with it.

As I started walking towards the stage, a staff member told me I was walking the wrong way (I didn't notice the red carpet). This was so embarrassing as I was also walking without the proper clothing on. Sigh.

My principal handed me my diploma and congratulated me on my speech for the class (we could tune in to a live radio channel). I thanked her and hoped she didn't notice my attire as I quickly took a photo.

As we continued to drive throughout the parking lot, banners of school photos were hanging. They were a bit small to be able to see clearly, but I spotted the NHS photo at the kidney drive earlier this year.

I also wasn't planning on staying on the campus, but some friends called asking me to stay. It felt like a relief being able to socialize, talk and take photos with the people I have spent the past few years with. It also left a hole, knowing this would be the last time I would see some of them.

After a quick stop home, I met with some of my friends downtown to have a photo shoot around the Rocky Steps. It was interesting having people honk their cars and people congratulate us on the streets.

The day ended with my friend and I chilling in the parking lot of Niffy Fifties, eating and talking.

This day marks the end, but also the beginning of a chapter. To whatever lies ahead, hurrah!

Much thanks to my brother for the amazing shots.