• Jasmine

Hand Molds

Ah, it has been a very long time since I have created a post. Apologies, it has been a mixture of college starting and life. But anyway, I made impressions of my hands a few weeks back!

Materials: I ordered a kit from Blick called Make-a-Mold Casting Kits. It was much more affordable than other kits.

Mix water and packet #1 to create the mold mixture. It had a very thick, lumpy and jelly texture.

Leave hands in mixture for about 3 minutes. I was crouching on the floor and this was very uncomfortable :/

To make the plaster, mix water and packet #2. It smelled exactly like the dentist's office when you get teeth impressions. Bleh!

Things got very messy! To get all the air bubbles out, you had to shake and tap the container. It was not the smartest idea to wear black :(

After letting it sit for 3 hours, it was ready to rip apart! It was so satisfying to peel the mold (but it smelled awful).

It didn't come out perfect, but that's okay. Some of the tips of my fingers and fingernails looked a bit wonky and there were holes from air bubbles. It was still crazy to see every crevice and wrinkle of my hand.

A hand heart because I purple you 💜

And bye! 🖐