• Jasmine


Last weekend I made some dumplings :)

But during this whole process, the scene from Crazy Rich Asians where Rachel meets Nick's family kept popping up in my head. It's where she is wrapping dumplings and ultimately disappoints Nick's relatives from Singapore. In their eyes, Rachel's lack of wrapping skills would confirm her as a 'whitewashed' Asian. Growing up in the States must of caused her to forget her cultural roots along the way.

I put myself in this same scenario, and oh boy - I was Rachel at this moment.

My fingers fumbled to pinch the paper like dough around the mound of meat filling. Something just wasn't looking right. I've seen and eaten dumplings countless times to know what it was supposed to turn out like.

Whether it was purchased from the frozen aisle, or ordered fresh from the Chinese restaurant, dumplings were a crescent like shape with wrinkles on one side. How hard could it be?

Upon my own disappointment and no avail of trying after a bit, I ended up searching for a video tutorial.

It's weird. Here I was watching someone teach me how to do something that I felt like I should know (same thought also for how to make the filling). I'm Chinese but I don't know how to do something that is simply 'Chinese'? It's embarrassing.

But on the flip side, I guess it's good that I want to learn. So, this time my fingers cautiously and successfully pinched the paper like dough around the mound of meat filling.

And after a good 3 hours later (ahhh), 4 full containers and a pair of tired eyes, we have dumplings :) 🥟