• Jasmine

DIY Envelopes

After a few trial and errors on Adobe Illustrator I finally created a template I was satisfied with. Link here for the envelope template and inside jacket.

Print out on 8.5 x 11 paper. I printed the envelope on card stock and the inside jacket with regular printer paper.

Use an Xacto knife and a ruler to cut on the solid lines. You can do this with scissors but it will be harder to cut around the curves. Fold along dotted lines. I would recommend scoring the paper with a pen to make folding easier. This is when you hardly press a pen along the dotted lines with a ruler to make an indent.

I used a glue stick to glue the inside. I found this the best method to not make paper creases that you can see. I used tacky glue on the flaps.

And you have handmade cards! I find them very fancy and a wow factor when given to someone. I also cut out 3.5 x 5 pieces of card stock for the cards (link on that). Click here to see my calligraphy accents on this as well as using wax sealing stamps!