• Jasmine

Digital Art & ProCreate

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, just my honest review*

To be honest I was never a fan of digital art. Yes, I did know you would create dope art with it, but I was not a fan of it. Hate my opinion but I never really looked at digital art as well - art. I have always been used to the traditional method of using physical material to make something. Having a software do all the work of mixing colors for you with the touch of a button was like cheating. You were like hacking your way through the basics of how to do art. Obviously there is no correct way of doing something in art, or a correct answer of what art even is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I think there is a beauty in that.

If your can't tell, my opinion about digital art has completely changed. A few weeks back my brother gave me his iPad & Apple Pencil that he no longer needed for college (thanks!) so I could eventually use it for note taking entering college in the fall. But rather than letting it sit until the summer was over, I started experimenting with it. The Apple Pencil was calling my name haha. I started playing around with Adobe Illustrator and Fresco (they are free!) and wow it was so satisfying to use. The pressure sensitivity feature made it possible to make a vast selection of brush sizes. I personally am most gravitated to doing calligraphy on the iPad. The bad thing is that these apps are limited in features it offers, but they are still fun and worth it.

Haha no it's more like everything changed when I got ProCreate. It costs $10 but ty to mi hermano amigo for the download.

"Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital painting"

I would of never purchased it myself (I refuse to buy anything on the app store unless it's free) but for anyone interested in art plz get it. It's 100% worth it with what you can do on it. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks and wow the creators behind the app knew what they were doing.

There are so many things you can customize and the layout of it is easy to grasp. There are a gazillion pre-made brushes that you can edit individually. There are little shortcuts that make things simple. Tap with 2 fingers to undo, tap with 3 to redo, pinch fast to make canvas fit to screen, etc. You can fill in lines, quickly select your previous color, smudge colors, airbrush ... I can ramble on and on about other things but we would be here all day.

It wasn't until I found out that you can create GIFs and little animations on this. Like whattt. This really sold the deal for me. There is a setting called animation assist where each layer becomes a frame, and you can turn on onion skin to see multiple frames. It's so cool ahhh. Here is a little something I've been working on for a project (it's incomplete).


But it really be like this when I realize I'm editing in the wrong layer.

From having a distaste towards digital art, I am now a lover. I guess you can't jump to conclusions until you try things out yourself.

Feel free to check out some of my works on my blog: )