• Jasmine

Cutting my own hair

This is the aftermath of about 2 hours of hair cutting panic at midnight. I ended up chopping off about 4 inches to finally get to this:

Pretty choppy (I am going to thin it out and add layers), but I pat myself for saving $75 by not going to the hair dresser. Yes, I paid $75 for JUST A HAIRCUT about a year ago...smh this is not my proudest moment. I went to a fancy part of town and thought the price would correlate to, I guess, a better haircut.😑

It's weird how I trust a complete stranger more than myself with my hair. I mean they know what they are doing, right? Shoutout to the times where I came out with what I didn't ask for XD.

I've had everything from the iconic Asian wok cut, to a palm tree (shoutout to the home cuts by my dad):

Lol the first photo sums up my childhood😭

Anyhow, covid has left me with no option but to now teach myself off of the internet.

I watched a few YouTube videos and got the gist of what to do. I didn't mention this before, but I also gave myself curtain bangs a few months back. I guess I am now a hairdresser rookie eh?

I feel proud of myself for knowing something as simple as cutting hair. It made me realize how dependent I can be. There are a lot of things I don't know and it's nice knowing there is more to learn.