• Jasmine

Barnes Foundation

This year I'm on an adventure to visit as many museums as I can, starting with the ones near me.

The Barnes Foundation was started by Albert Barnes, a successful pharmacologist. He started collecting art pieces in 1912 and taught art appreciation lessons in the factories where his antiseptics were made. In 1922, he eventually purchased a school in Merion, PA to place his pieces and to continue expanding education. And then in 2012, the Barnes Foundation was moved to Philadelphia, PA.

The funny thing is that throughout high school, I would walk by this building many times, even eating outside of it, to not know that it was in fact a museum. Sigh.

I always thought it was a fancy, modern office space. For reference here is why.

Yup, it is quite modern and not your stereotypical museum look. The architecture is absolutely beautiful inside. You can even have a wedding here too!

I don't know if I should be embarrassed that I went here alone. No one I know enjoys going to a museum, but I guess this works out for me. I can spend hours looking and reading everything, so a companion isn't necessary.

But anyway, to track how many people were on each floor with social distancing, you had to scan your ticket on an iPad whenever you moved. I like how the museum installed tech precautions, but many people would not follow this rule so it was pointless TT.

Cool thing about this place that I have never seen before was that there are no plaques under each painting. Usually there would be some information you could read, but instead they have an app on your phone that can scan the painting with your camera and pull up information. How sick is that? Props to the techies and image recognition behind it.

But why come here? I've always been intrigued with art history (I'm taking a class right now) and I'm just amazed how human hands can create such things. From brush stroke to painting medium, every piece is so different and unique. Some convey stories while others are still life.

It is quite refreshing to discover something new with different ears and artists. It's also fun to have your own interpretation of what you see.

And then after about 3 hours, my stomach was calling me. Good thing they had a little cafe tucked in the corner. I got a slice of crumb cake and om nom nom. I'm not a sweets person but this was surprising really good.

And that's it! Mask up! Stay safe and healthy!