• Jasmine

Backyard Chickens

I have some new members in my family! Last weekend, we welcomed six baby chicks!!

The dreams of the farmer inside of me has been fulfilled. I guess 'farmer' due to the chicken and duck videos that keep appearing on my Instagram explore feed 🥴. I also come from a generation of farmers, so that might be why as well.

But the bigger reason for getting these chicks are for eggs. The other half is of course to be able to have them as pets and for enjoyment.

Just look how adorable they are!

With no mother hen, my father and I are taking charge of co-parenting (my mom is not keen on even having them welp). We've had disagreements on how to care for them, my father having chickens throughout his childhood, and I reading and watching endless videos. But hey, at least they are alive right? 😅

It has been quite the experience feeding them (yes I have been doo dooed on), giving water and watching them grow day by day. It's quite impressive to see how they've doubled in size in about a week. I'm getting freaked whether it's genes or the chick feed I'm giving them.

But they are the most energetic, little fur balls I have ever seen. My favorite is when I give them a worm and they go bonkers chasing each other for it 🐤🐤🐤.

Ah, time really freezes when I watch them. I don't know what it is, but it's refreshing. It's like my mood is instantly lifted. There's pure bliss to see something so simple - to see life exist.

Well, off I go to see what they are up to now! 🐔